Life- In the 11th and 12th Standards

Now, onto the hectic rush that was the 11th and 12th Standards. Why a hectic rush? Entrance exams. Lakhs apply for the top engineering institutes. But only a few get into them. Inspite of that mad rush, this is what I was up to in my 11th and 12th:

2010-11: 11th Standard

  1. Was President of Interact Club of Rajagiri Public School
    As I mentioned earlier, an Interact Club is one where students give back to society in whatever little way we can. The Interact Club of Rajagiri Public School is one of the world’s largest, with 600-odd members, and I had the honour of being the President of this amazing club in my 11th standard 🙂 . We conducted a huge number of activities that year, many for the first time ever. We were also extremely close to our Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Cochin North, and, for the first time, had the honour of attending their meeting (well, actually 3 of their meetings) to give them a brief overview of our activities.The following are a few of the activities that we conducted that year:

    1. Fund raisers
      We conducted a large number of fund raisers that year:

      • Onam Sports competitions Sale: A day or two before our Onam celebrations, a few Sports competitions are conducted, most notably the tug-of-war. The Interact club decided that this would be the perfect time for our first fund-raiser- a juice sale. The items used to make the juice (Tang, mostly) were contributed by the members of the Interact club.
      • Payasam Sale: Just as it had been doing all the previous year, our Interact club decided to sell Vinayaka’s Payasam on the day of our Onam celebrations.
      • Confluence Sale: On 5th November, the day of our school’s commerce students’ fest, the Interact Club had a food stall, where items like cutlets, samosas, puffs and Tang were sold (we indeed were partial to a certain orange flavoured drink, weren’t we? 😉 ).
      • Plant Sale: On 20th November, the Interact club held a plant sale, clubbing a go-green initiative with a fund raiser. The plants were donated by the 8th Standard members of the Interact club.
      • Sports Day Sale: On 27th November, we setup a food stall for our school’s Sports Day, where we sold puffs, cutlets, samosas, ice cream and had a Mr. Butler’s soda counter. We grew a little tired of Tang 😛 .
    2. Visits
      Throughout the month of October, our Interact Club Executive Committee members collected old clothes, not only from the Interact Club, but from the rest of the school as well. These clothes were then distributed on the various trips the Interact Club organized to orphanages and homes for the elderly:

      • Santhwanam Charitable Trust: We visited the Santhwanam Charitable Trust, which is an orphanages, on the 30th of October.
      • Home of Faith and Providence Home: We visited the Home of Faith and Providence Home, a home for the elderly, on the 4th of December.
    3. Improving International Understanding
      Our Interact Club took great pains to improve international understanding. Here’s what we did:

      • Visit to Singapore: With the help of the PTA, a few of the Interact Club members visited Hwa Chong Institution in a student exchange programme.
      • Visit of the Hwa Chong students to Rajagiri: The students of Hwa Chong Institution visited Rajagiri, and the Interact Club members who had visited Singapore extended their hospitality towards these students by welcoming them into their homes. The students from Singapore also attended classes with us.
      • Communication with other Interact Clubs: For the first time, our Interact Club interacted, via e-mail, with Interact clubs in other countries, and exchanged ideas with them. We told them what we do, and in turn, got to hear how they did their bit to help society.
    4. Conributing to the Society
      • Tree Census: The students of class 10, part of our Interact Club, participated in the Tree Census campaign, whereby they took a note of the number, type, size and other characteristics of the trees in and around the city of Cochin.
    5. Association with Rotary Club of Cochin North
      The Interact Club of Rajagiri Public School had a closer association with the Rotary Club of Cochin North than ever before. We did everything that we did with the Rotary Club of Cochin North’s approval, guidance and whole-hearted support, and provided them weekly updates regarding our activities through Rtn. O. A. Nizam, the then Director New Generation. We also invited a few of their members to attend meetings with us. In addition, here are a few activities that we did with them:

      • Planting of the Sampling: The District Governor graced us with his presence at our Induction Ceremony, and soon afterwards, initiated the “Greener Tomorrow” programme.
      • Rotary Club Meetings: We attended 3 Rotary Club meetings, for the first time in the history of the Rajagiri Public School Interact Club, where we presented whatever we had been up to.
    6. Presidential Citation
      Not an activity per se, but I’ll mention it here anyway. For all the activities that we had done, our Interact Club received a citation from the Rotary International President!
  2. 1st Prize, Extempore English, Toc-H Public School
    A 5 minute extempore, with 5 minutes of prep time, the topic I was given was “Does Money Make the World Go Round?”. It was fun , to say the least. The best part was that, though 4 events were conducted, and our school participated in only 2, we came first over-all!!!
  3. 2nd Place, Surprise Event, Impulse 2010
    A team consisting of Becky, Nancy Siddharthan and I came 2nd at the Surprise Event conducted during Impulse 2010, Choice Public School’s cultural fest. The following were the rounds that were part of the surprise event:

    1. A crossword puzzle and a quiz.
    2. A treasure hunt, where we had to rush to a certain location based on clues given at the previous one.
    3. An ad-zap, where we had to promote a tooth-paste company in a 5-minute ad, given 10 minutes of prep time.
    4. An extempore event, where the topic we got was “Rajasthan Royals- from riches to rags”.
  4. 3rd Place, Literary Surprise Event, Chaithanya
    A team consisting of Aishwarya, Anna, Sathvika and I came 3rd at the Literary Surprise Event conducted during Chaithanya 2010, Chinmaya Vidyalaya’s cultural fest. The following were the rounds that were part of this competition:

    1. A crossword puzzle (again!).
    2. A poetry writing-cum-reading contest, where we had the freedom to write on any topic, but had to use as many words from the crossword as possible, and then recite the poem.
    3. A radio show, where we were given 5-minutes prep time to put on. The topic we were given was “At the fair”.
  5. 1st Place, Namastay Hindustaan, Confluence 2010
    Confluence 2010 was conducted on 5th November, and is the school’s commerce student’s annual festival. The students of class 11 are divided into groups, and each group has to take part in every event. Namastay Hindustaan was a drama where each team is given an Indian state, and they have to showcase its rich culture. Our group got Kerala (perfect 🙂 ), and I was given the lead role of a French tourist (reasonable, considering I was the only one in our group who knew French). My choice of the lead character’s name, Jacques Cousteau (everyone else wanted a pronounceable, English name- huh!, how boring), and my group’s repeated attempts to tick me off by deliberately mispronouncing my stage-name, which eventually wound up in the script (thereby adding a fair bit of comedy into the play; and a LOT of subsequent teasing, nonetheless) were definitely the most memorable parts of this competition (thankfully, no one calls me Cow-Stew any more :P).
  6. Excelled in academics
  7. 1st, Instrumental Music Organ, Interhouse cultural competition
  8. 2nd, Recitation English, Interhouse cultural competition

2011-12: 12th Standard

  1. Was awarded the KVPY fellowship

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